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Water Heater Leak Remediation

Water heaters are notorious for leaking and bursting, creating an immediate water damage emergency for property owners. When your hot water system is leaking, seeking the help of a professional dry-out service is integral to avoiding further damage to the home. All affected areas need to be contained and dried out as quickly as possible because water can pool and creep into the hidden areas of your home, like the walls and floorboards. This hidden moisture is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Restoration XP has years of experience in the water damage restoration industry, and our local crew is ready to handle your water heater emergency immediately.

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Why Do Water Heaters Burst?

Water heaters burst for three main reasons: a build-up of sediments, corrosion in the tank, and too much pressure. Pressure buildup is the most common cause that we see at Restoration XP for a burst hot water heater. When the water heater is functioning properly, a relief valve opens to release the pressure, but water tanks can wear down over time, and this relief valve becomes faulty. A faulty relief valve leads to too much pressure build-up in the tank and an eventual explosion. This can typically be avoided with regular HVAC maintenance, but in the event of a water heater burst, call Restoration XP immediately at (469) 599-2304. Our technicians are always on standby, ready to help!

What to Do if Your Water Heater Breaks

  1. Cut off the water supply to the hot water heater either at the main shut-off valve or at the valve located on the water heater to stop the flow of water and prevent water damage.
  2. Be EXTREMELY cautious. The system may be hot. Carefully open the pressure relief valve to release any leftover pressure in the system.
  3. Rinse with cold water to bring down the water temperature.
  4. Call us at (469) 599-2304 any time, day or night, to evaluate the damage and immediately start the dry-out process.
Water Heater Leak Repair Services in Plano, TX

What if I have Water Dripping From My Ceiling

Burst hot water heaters produce an enormous amount of water, and this water will often penetrate the walls and flooring of the home. If this happens, call Restoration XP to begin the drying process ASAP and reduce the amount of damage to your home. Depending on how much water leaked, the framing and floorboards may need to be exposed to properly and completely dry. Prompt drying is integral in avoiding the growth of mold and mildew, which can create even more costly damage to the home. Restoration XP has years of experience taking care of our local homes and businesses that have suffered from water heater leaks and ruptures, and our crew is always ready to help you. Call us at (469) 599-2304 for your complete water heater repair service in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denison, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, and the surrounding Texas cities.

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Dallas/Fort Worth Disaster Restoration

Restoration XP is proud to provide expert damage restoration and disaster recovery services to the greater Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. With our expertise and cutting-edge techniques, we restore homes and businesses quickly. Whether you need fire and smoke damage restoration, water damage cleanup, or mold remediation, the Restoration XP team delivers outstanding results.

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