Bathroom Flood Remediation

Are you experiencing a flood in your bathroom? Swift action is needed to contain the affected areas and prevent mold growth. The problem is best solved by rapidly removing standing water and drying out walls and flooring as quickly as possible. Restoration XP has provided water damage remediation services for flood-damaged bathrooms for years. Our fully licensed, insured, and trained restoration professionals are standing by to assist you with your water emergency.

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What to Do When Your Bathroom is Flooding

If you are experiencing a flooded bathroom, take these steps ASAP:

  • Turn off the water source. There are individual shut off valves for toilets and sinks behind the fixtures. If this doesn't work, you'll have to turn off the main water shutoff valve for the building.
  • Turn off all electricity running to your bathroom from your circuit breaker panel if there is significant flooding.
  • Call (800) 858-1701 to deploy the damage restoration team from Restoration XP. Our skilled teams are standing by, fully equipped to handle your water emergency.
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What Happens to Ceilings When Bathrooms Flood?

With so many plumbing fixtures in one small space, bathrooms are notorious for leaking pipes, clogs, and other issues that result in flooding. When bathrooms flood, water pools into the drywall, becoming wet and requiring replacement. Over time, once your ceiling has dried, you may notice a stain. Some folks attempt to paint over the stain only to find that it continues to bleed through. Water-saturated drywall will crack, flake, and eventually fall down, leaving a gaping hole in the ceiling.

The damage you may not see is happening much deeper – in your subfloor. Even if your bathroom does not appear to be water damaged, the leak or flood in your bathroom may have actually seeped into your subfloor, causing problems such as floor joist warping or weakening or mold growth.

If you have experienced a bathroom flood, call the experienced damage restoration contractors at Restoration XP. We will fully evaluate the extent of the damage, provide a thorough written estimate of repairs needed, and even work directly with your insurance carrier to make sure that the restoration efforts are covered. Call (800) 858-1701 for complete flooded bathroom cleanup service in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denison, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Sherman and surrounding Texas cities.

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Why Call Restoration XP For Bathroom Floods

There are dozens of local water emergency services that can be called when a bathroom floods. However, few can provide references from dozens of satisfied customers who have benefited from their service. The steadfast team of professionals at Restoration XP will stand by their promises. Restoration XP's mission is to act quickly and precisely to restore local flood-damaged properties to a better condition than they were before. Call (800) 858-1701 and speak with a caring professional from Restoration XP and receive prompt and cost-effective dry out and restoration services.

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