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Do you suspect a leak in your home or place of business but are unsure of the source? Give the leak detection experts at Restoration XP a call to identify any leaks and their cause before the problem worsens. Restoration XP has been providing leak detection services for homes and businesses throughout the area for years. Call Restoration XP for leak detection and avoid having a water damage emergency.

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Small Leaks Become Big Problems

Even a pipe that is dripping slowly or intermittently can make a huge mess. When moisture sits behind walls and under flooring, mold and mildew will grow. Sitting moisture also rots wood and compromises the structural supports of a building. If you suspect that you've got a leak, call the experts at Restoration XP ASAP. Signs of a leak can include hearing water dripping or running, seeing cracks or stains in ceilings and walls, feeling moisture under carpeting, or smelling musty odors. Our skilled team will assess the situation, identify any leaks, and quickly resolve the problem. Once identified, our dry out team will quickly and thoroughly remove damaged boards and insulation materials and dry all structures. Restoration XP will stop leaks and prevent larger water damage problems. Simply call (800) 858-1701 for complete leak detection Services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denison, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Sherman, and Surrounding Texas cities.

water leak detection and repair in Plano, TX

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Restoration XP's Leak Detection Methods

When you call Restoration XP to look into your leaking pipes, appliances, and more, water damage professional will be deployed to your home or office armed with state-of-the-art equipment and the knowledge to use it to get to the bottom of the issue quickly and accurately. Once identified using one or more of the methods below, we'll work to devise a plan to resolve the leak and dry the area completely.

Video Leak Detection - We often feed a video camera down into pipes to pinpoint the origins of leaks. This method allows home and business owners to see the leak onscreen and to understand the size and scope of the problem.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection - We can hear leaks as well using sound technology. This can help locate the source of a leak and is used when we can't get a visual.

Infrared Leak Detection - We are able to use infrared imaging to see behind walls and under floorboards. The devices pick up moisture and allow us to target the source and scope of the leak.

Smoke Detection - Less commonly, non-toxic smoke can be pumped into pipes. If a leak is present, the smoke will escape at the source, allowing the technicians to identify and correct the leak.

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