Water Damage Restoration in the DFW Metroplex

The safety and security of your home will always be one of your top priorities as a homeowner. Unfortunately, unexpected events and natural disasters can put your investment in harm’s way causing all manner of water damage. The Water Damage Restoration professionals at Restoration XP is ready to handle all your commercial and residential water restoration needs in DFW and the surrounding areas. With extensive experience mitigating water damaged properties, we’re ready to help you get back to normal. We’re on the clock 24/7/365, so contact us any time for all your water damage restoration needs in Frisco, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, McKinney, and all the surrounding cities.

Whether your property has been affected by a storm, a roof leak, malfunctioning appliances, or ... even in Texas ... a frozen, burst pipe – rely on the team at Restoration XP for prompt, efficient water mitigation services. 

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Water Damage Restoration in the DFW Metroplex

Restoration XP is a trusted, professional restoration contractor which means we offer a variety of benefits.


Having experienced a massive variety of water damages, the team at Restoration XP is experienced and knowledgeable enough to know the best way to handle your home and belongings.

Whether the right decision is restoring or replacing, we’ll get your home and everything inside back to normal as quickly as possible.


Water and flood damage isn’t always as simple as just some wet floors and belongings. Depending on the source of the water and how long it’s been sitting, water damages can pose serious health risks to you and your family.

Due to years of experience in the water damage restoration  industry, you can trust Restoration XP to take care of your water damage repair keeping the safety and security of your home and family the highest priority.

Financial Options

When you’ve experienced a water damage in the DFW, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the impact on your pocketbook. Restoration XP works hard to offer competitive prices making restoration more affordable for you.

Fortunately, most water damages  are covered by homeowners’ insurance, and we have the expertise to work directly with your insurance company to ensure the completion of the job with as little expense to you as possible.


Restoration XP offers 24/7 emergency service, so we’re ready to take on the often time-consuming water damage restoration process almost as soon as the damage happens.

You can feel confident in your choice knowing that Restoration XP will work tirelessly to get your home back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible. We understand the fear and uncertainly when your home is in disarray, and are committed to getting you back to normal with as few disruptions to your life as possible. Call us at 800-858-1701 to get started right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Water damage insurance claims depend on a few different criteria. Ultimately, that's a question you'll have to clarify with your insurance company. However, we can tell you that the viability of water damage insurance claims depends primarily on what caused the damage (storm, burst pipe, plumbing malfunction, localized flood, sump pump failure, etc.). Some insurance policies will outline scenarios that will NOT be covered without specific riders like flood insurance, or sump pump failure insurance.

Contacting a restoration contractor as well as your insurance adjuster at the same time is a good idea, because the restoration contractor will help make sure that not only will the water extraction and dry out be covered, but the rebuild process that should follow. If the full scope of the claim isn't outlined and agreed upon from the start, there may be issues down the line, and property owners may find themselves having to pay out of pocket to get the property completely back to normal.

That depends on the types of materials that were affected by water. Drywall, carpet, and hardwood floors will take longer to dry than other materials in the space. We use moisture meters throughout the process and in many different locations to gauge the moisture levels and will continue to adjust our fans and dehumidifiers to achieve an efficient but effective dry time. The bare minimum of "three days to dry" may only produce a surface dry, but can still leave behind moisture levels that create an ideal environment for mold to grow.

Most homeowners start trying to remove the water themselves before they realize they'll need to contact their insurance company about a claim so they can call in a water damage restoration company. However, standing water around anything with a power cord or outlet or sagging ceilings make the area unsafe. Also, many insurance claims require documentation of the loss BEFORE any work is done, including removing the water. Always take plenty of photos of the damage you see before taking any action to start cleaning up the mess. Your restoration contractor will be able to back up your insurance claim scope with the necessary technical documentation as well.

If the water damage involves Category 1 water (clean and free of microbes and bacteria), many of your personal belongings can be salvaged. Category 2 water would include other water sources, including rainwater, that, while not containing biohazards or sewage, still pose health risks and the potential for destructive microbial growth and mold. A water damage restoration technician will help you sort through the contents of the property to determine what can be safely dried, what can be restored by a textile/contents technician, and what can't be saved or salvaged. There are off-site facilities in the area that specialize in restoring water-damaged contents. Your restoration team will document all of the contents leaving the property for restoration or disposal for your records and also for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Identifying the source of the water damage is one of the first steps in both the insurance claim process but also before beginning to dry out and repair the damaged areas. After all, if you replace a sagging, wet ceiling that was caused by a roof leak but don't fix the roof, too, the next rainstorm will start the cycle all over again. The buckling to your hardwood floor could be caused by a leaking pipe. We will pinpoint the exact cause of your water damage and make sure the source is repaired. We make sure your restoration job is done right the first time.

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