Flooded Bathroom Cleanup Services

What do you do when you walk into your bathroom and find water everywhere? In the event of a bathroom flood, rapid action should be taken to contain the damage and prevent mold growth. Standing water should be removed as quickly as possible and equipment set to dry out wall, flooring, and other materials. The full licensed and insured professionals at Restoration XP have years of experience providing water damage mitigation services for flood-damaged bathrooms and are ready 24/7 to assist with your water emergency.

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What to Do When Your Bathroom is Flooding

An actively flooding bathroom can be overwhelming. If you’re experience a bathroom flood, take these steps immediately to help contain the damage:

  • Stop the flow of water. You may be able to turn of the water with an individual valve on the toilet or sink, but if this doesn’t work you can turn water off to the entire property at the water main shutoff valve.
  • Find your breaker pane and shut off all electricity to the bathroom if there is a lot of standing water to prevent electrocution.
  • Call the experts at Restoration XP at 800-858-1701 at any time so we can dispatch a restoration team immediately to help handle your water emergency.
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Your Ceiling after a Bathroom Flood

Bathrooms are full of different plumbing fixtures which makes them a prime location for leaky pipes, clogs, and other plumbing problems that result in water damage. When a bathroom floods, the drywall in the walls and ceiling soaks up the pooled water. Even after the ceiling appears dry, you may notice that it has stained, and no matter how many times you paint over it the stain bleeds through. When water saturates drywall, the drywall can crack, flake, and it will eventually fall down leaving a hole in the ceiling.

When water floods your bathroom, the damage may go much deeper than what’s visible to the naked eye – all the way to the subfloor. The bathroom itself may seem fine, but the water from the leak or flood actually seeped into the subfloor causing multiple problems like floor joist warping and mold growth.

The expert damage restoration contractors at Restoration XP are on standby 24/7 to assess the extent of your bathroom flood. Following our assessment, we’ll provide a complete written estimate of the necessary repairs to both you and your insurance carrier so we can make sure that all the mitigation and repairs are covered. Call us now at 800-858-1701 for your flooded bathroom cleanup in the DFW metroplex and surrounding Texas cities.

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Why Restoration XP?

What sets Restoration XP aside from the other local emergency service providers you could call in the event of a bathroom flood? We offer references from dozens of happy customers who have experienced our expertise in water damage restoration. At Restoration XP we prioritize standing by our word and offering you a service you can trust. Our mission is to act as quickly as possible to not only restore your property to its pre-loss condition, but to leave it even better than before the damage. Call us at 469-425-8031 to speak with one of our compassionate professionals and schedule your dry out and restoration services, today.

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